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Arteor & Synergy

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Cable Managment

PVC Cable Tray 

Legrand Mallia and Belanko range are quite similar in products but the Mallia differs in offering end users options of customizable frames. The Belanko, switches perform exactly the way you expect them to. Beyond performance, we give you a choice between large rockers and the conventional small one. Mixing colours is a breeze with Mallia. Beyond promising endless possibilities with the expanded range, the license to blend them in anywhere desired is just sheer joy.

Distribution Boards/ Panels

Legrand's Arteor versatility is the ideal choice for every project, anywhere in the world at any installation level. Arteor suits any requirement in terms of design and function for every kind of building, from residential to commercial. The product comes with a wide range of colour selection charts to mirror, oak and wood finishes for its frames. 

Distribution boards XL3 - N 250 3-phase distribution boards (12 to 54 poles) provide the convenience of a comprehensive range which is ideal for both residential and commercial. Circuit breakers and RCDs available.

legrand Nigeria distributor
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