Past Completed Projects ABB & Legrand - LV & MV



Our products and services can be grouped into: 


- Installation, testing and commissioning for both Power and Distribution transformers.

- Technical services

- Sales and Maintenance of Power equipment like generators and transformers.

- Electrical accessories

- Special projects

- Over head line stringing (11kv & 33kv lines)


For more info on our past and current projects, please send us an email at We will be pleased to provide you with all the necessary information needed to know more about us and our services. 

ABB Transformers Installations in Nigeria




Cell Sites Installations


MTN Cell Site Ogun - 100kva/11kv.0.415v

MTN Cell Site Idimu - 100kva/11kv/0.415v

MTN Cell Site Masama - 100kva/11kv/0.415v

MTN Cell Site Benin - 100kva/11kv/0.415v

Starcoms Cell Sites Ibadan - 100kva/11kv/0.415v

Starcomms Cell Site Lekki - 100kva/11kv/0.415v

Starcomms Cell Site Abia - 100kva/11kv/0.415v
and many others...

Past Projects 

  1. Integrated Diary Farm Iju - 300kva/11kv/0/415v

  2. Intrachem Ltd  Lagos- 200kva/11kv/0.415v

  3. Victoria Mall VI - 2mva/11kv/0.415v

  4. Lakepoint Towers Banana Island - 2.5mva/11kv/0.415v

  5. Kings Court Properties Sasha - 3 Nos. 500kva/11kv

  6. Lagos Mainland Gen. Hospital - 500kva/11kv/0.415v

  7. Krestal Hotel Opebi - 500kva/11kv/0.415v

  8. Sakr Power Nig Ltd Arepo - 500kva/33kv/0.415v

  9. Best Western Plus Hotel Ikeja - 500kva/11kv/0.415v

  10. JMG Ltd Gbagada - 300kva/33kv/0.415v

  11. Skymit Motors Lagos - 200kva/11kv/0.415v

  12. R.M.S. Alausa, CBD - 500kva/11kv/0.415v

  13. and many others...


Private & Corporate


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